Jos Bento Ayres Pereira

Boston College

Computer Science Department

Email: jose.bento at bc dot edu

Address: St. Mary's Hall, 2nd floor S.

Boston College,

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Curriculum Vitae


J. Bento, N. Derbinsky, C. Mathy, J. Yedidia, Proximal operators for multi-agent path planning, AAAI 2015, [Video]

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N. Derbinsky, J. Bento, J. Yedidia, Integrating Knowledge with the TWA for Hybrid Cognitive Processing, AAAI 2013

J. Bento, M. Ibrahimi, Support Recovery for the Drift Coefficient of High-Dimensional Diffusions, IEEE IT 2013, [Video]

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N. Derbinsky, J. Bento, V. Elser, J. Yedidia, An improved three-weight message-passing algorithm, 2013, [Video]

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J. Bento, A. Montanari, On the trade-off between complexity and correlation decay in structural learning algorithms, 2011

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